BuildApp is a comprehensive customizable construction project management solution for optimizing work for builders, remodelers, and contractors in Canada.

It uses real-time generated footage from cameras combined with blueprints to manage documents control and standardize workflow to enhance communication and efficiency.

build app

The platform is based on the following innovative features:

  • Artificial Intelligence upgrades to make future predictions in the project in order to reduce the cost and possibly save time.
  • Issues report log containing each building essential details.
  • Inventory tracking for machinery and tools.

BuildApp combines:

  1. Searchable Interactive DataBase
  2. Virtual TimeLine
  3. Data of Source Material and Suppliers
  4. Engineering reports and Inspections

The app will help your team:

  1. Standardize workflows
  2. Optimize the document control process to eliminate rework
  3. Connect documents and data to the other software and blueprints
  4. Integrated Cost Management

The software allows you to monitor all the projects’ progression and get further details in real-time by clicking on each one of them. BuildApp collects and stores a list of all the companies involved in a certain project; financial tab, which includes all the bills of quantities and quotations; any legal issues like approvals, permits, lawsuits, or fines. Those can be downloaded for further inspection. The progress tab includes details of the completion and media files. Request button allows site engineers to repost any issues or requesting help in terms of shortage in raw materials, suppliers, or delays. And finally, a Virtual Tours tab allows scheduling live call tours to reflex the progress. It shows the client the site without physically attending it.

The starting price is $50.00/ month per user, availability of training, and customer support including in the cost. The platform is the most suitable for small to medium size renovation or construction companies, facilitating up to 100 people at a time.