Self-sufficiency. Transparency. Accountability.

BuildApp is a comprehensive customizable construction project management solution for optimizing work for builders, remodelers, and contractors in Canada.

Helping the leaders of construction businesses maximize efficiency.

Construction is a major industry in Canada, employing more than 1.2 million men
and women. Each development site presents unique challenges — this is why
construction project managers have distinct roles and responsibilities to fulfill from
project to project. These challenges require both a strategic understanding of the
business of construction and tactical expertise on the issues that come with each
project phase.

With all those challenges, we are thrilled to introduce BuildApp Systems, a cross platform application solution for Construction Project Management, combining the usage of hardware and software along with the blueprints for the safety and efficiency optimization.

BuildApp Systems is a comprehensive cloud-based customized app that uses real-time generated footage from cameras combined with blueprints to optimize documents control and standardize workflow to enhance communication and efficiency.

Our Core Values


We eliminate the constant “What’s the status“email, which saves a lot of time and effort.


We believe that transparency creates empowerment and a clear vision for all team members.


Construction is very unique and specific environment that can’t afford mistakes or overlooking.