Our founders are energetic, creative engineers with strong problem-solving skills, bringing their expertise and talents to achieve success in the new business venture.

Both team members, Abdullah Ammar Dawood Alshetiwi and Al Hamzah Ammar Dawood Alshetiwi have extensive experience in machinery and equipment consulting, engineering, business development, and management.

As a team, they are passionate and inventive creators of innovative strategy driving to improve construction productivity with an emphasis on security, safety, and efficiency

Alhamzah Ammar Dawood Alshetiwi, CEO

Alhamzah is a highly skilled leader who takes pride in the quality of his work, removes project obstacles, and brings his team to success. He has excellent guiding, motivating, training, and mentoring skills.

Alhamzah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Aerospace Technology from Coventry University, UK.

Abdullah Ammar Dawood Alshetiwi, COO

Abdullah is a civil engineer with great experience in energy equipment trading, quality control, cost control, and team leadership. Two main skills are the outcome of the technical service companies – negotiations and marketing. Abdullah graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a Bachelor of Science Degree: Civil Engineering major.